Diana’s work is varied using different methods, different subjects.  One thing that is consistent though is how all her work depicts life and movement so well.  You can hear the wind whistling around the hilltops or through trees when you look at her landscapes.  You can feel the water dripping from the roof in her magnificent Diggle Tunnel piece.  I love her work. Anne Bell, Shipley

In a house full of photographs, We were looking for a something different, A piece of art that captured the essence of us and our family. As lovers of the outdoors, especially the rugged coast line of Wales, our hope was for a unique painting that symbolised this. Coupled with a desire for the painting to have depth, as well as great texture, allowing us to reach out and touch all that represents the natural coastline. One that would, in a moment, sustain us in our longing to be back to the coast. Diane was able to capture this feeling and bring it alive for us in our home, allowing us the pleasure of a moments respite in the delightful visual reminder of our favourite place. Sean and Louise Wareing, Urmston

I like the diversity of styles, especially like the oil on gesso collection. More people should know about this artist. Phil Ashton, Media City

Very 3 dimensional and creative with lots of bold bright colours. Nicola Riley, Oldham. Aged 10

Fabulous, inspirational and amazing, I have seen this exhibition before and still love it. Nesar Choudary, Oldham. aged 18

Diana has been an inspiration to me and I love the way she creates atmosphere in her work. Cheryl Eastwood, Dobcross

Di’s work takes me on a journey through wild, windswept landscapes. Some are bright and heretic, whilst others have a dark sense of foreboding. The “Noises” works, a personal favourite give a great visual insight into the aural world of tinnitus. Cath Hill, Diggle

I love my art and its a very passionate hobby. For you I can see its your life. Veronica Mc Cann, Tameside.