Blossom Fest

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Happy Easter 2020

During the self isolation I decided to post some of my happy paintings onto Instagram to cheer myself up. I started to produce images of the blossom carrying on from the Springtime paintings in my studio. Since I’m not able to go there at the moment I set up the dining table and developed work from the blossom seen on my daily walks. It seems that scaling down and isolating is not so bad after all. 

Pennine Painters

My group which has been meeting in my studio for over seven years will be taking part in an exhibition on Saturday 28 March at Saddleworth Museum, Uppermill. OL3 6HS. Drop in to meet me and the group.

New works and new sales

Developing new work and new sales along constant themes of the high moor and wilderness. Recently developed connections with the poetry group Cotton Grass Appreciation Society in Marsden. There was a lovely night of readings which I was worried about as I thought that I might not be able to hear them. But thanks to my technology and their diction it all went very well. I hope we can collaborate at some point.

Both of my paintings were accepted at the Oldham Open exhibition and the large print of the firefighters was bought by the gallery for their permanent collection. I’m overjoyed that they have selected it. The same image is going to be used in a climate change demonstration.

Studio Time

Time in the studio working, creating, developing ideas has been invaluable this year. So far I have deliberately not applied for any opportunities or bursaries or exhibitions. I’ve needed the time to think. I cant describe how I value it so much. It has kept me sane. Today is the first time I’ve updated my website or thought about public perceptions of my work for a while. Nurturing that inner artist is I know a deliberate and self conscious act by many artist. But as a person whose has an enormous work ethic and fortunately a lot of drive I have often neglected that soul and assumed it would serve me endlessly. Well I was wrong. Thank you to everyone I’ve interacted with recently as you have helped me.

Bursary applications

Recently I have applied for some bursary applications as I want to develop some new work which would take me away from the work that I sell at exhibition . There are a number around and its tricky to negotiate but I opted for the A-N one as its assessed by other artists. Well I didn’t get it but the feedback was invaluable. 

The decision to look at my disability is loaded for me as it would be acknowledging the impact that my deafness has had upon me, my work and my family. Mostly I try to pretend that I’m hearing which can result in stupid, sometimes hilarious situations. I know it’s not easy for everyone else and its embarrassing for me but that it the stigma that deafness has in our world. I didn’t want to become the deaf artist.

I was invited down to the Welcome Trust in London and coincidentally to be a researcher in an application about implants and their psychological impact on patients. I hope to be able to use my visual research to raise awareness of deafness and make contact with available therapies. 

I was so pleased when they said that my application had been on the cusp and that there was nothing wrong with it! So they were very encouraging that I should apply again and that writing blogs and showing links to this website would be an addition to my application. So here I am writing more blogs and explaining what I’m doing with my time as well as painting.

http://a-n Artist Bursaries 2019 – a-n The Artists Information Company

Studio Visit from Emily Knight

Emily and her artist mother, Margaret Uttley came to visit my studio in Woodend Mill in March. They saw my work in Summer 2018 and wanted to offer me the chance to have a solo exhibition at their gallery in Settle. They were mostly interested in my recent work relating to the ecology of the local moors. This work is ongoing as I spend more time examining and recording the work being done to stabilise the sphagnum moss. My hand made prints of the wildfires will also be shown at their gallery from June to September 2019. More information will be coming shortly. 


Cotton Tops

Too Close to Home

In July 2018 and February 2019 the moors above Saddleworth and Mossley became the scene of extensive wildfires reported nationally. I was horrified but mesmerised by the images on the media and the sights above my neighbours houses. Some had to be evacuated and other suffered chocking smoke for days. It highlights the vulnerability of people’s closeness to the fires and the immediate effects of climate change on our own environment as our weather patterns become more extreme.

As soon as I could I went up to the moors and witnessed the devastation. I cast areas of the ground itself using plaster of Paris. The resulting materials and burnt samples of ground and wood were brought back to my studio and developed into a number of drawings and prints in my studio.

Some of these were entirely abstract but increasingly I incorporated a number of the images of the firefighters themselves. These images were from the pictures taken by them on site while dealing with the fires and then posted on social media.

Working at Hot Bed Press, Salford using large presses I was able to produce large scale collagraphic prints of these scenes. The process allowed me to work freely in a painterly manner while retaining the discipline of printing techniques. Each one is unique but they form a series since they are from the same plate.The work has been used to raise funds for the Oldham Mountain Rescue Team who volunteered their services to control the Moorland fires.

Solo Shows

The stress of staging a solo exhibition wherever the venue is only balanced by the rewards of seeing your work displayed as you want it. If the venue is somewhere as nice as the tiny theatre in the Millgate Arts Centre in Delph it’s even better. Thank you to everyone involved in the production of Pitman Painters.

I’m looking forwards to seeing many of their future productions taking us into 2019 when my exhibition comes down on 6 January. This image of the Firefighters on the Moor is a record of the work done in July to prevent the Moorland fires spreading to people’s homes. I’m donating 50% of the proceeds from the sales of this print to the Oldham Mountain Rescue Fund. As volunteers they worked alongside the Fire and Rescue Services in dreadful conditions.


Exciting Times

So many things are developing at the moment. I’ve been asked to go to