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Born in Manchester living in the Pennines

My paintings and collographic prints are about the landscape. They consider the narrative between humanity and the environment by recording the impact of industry in my area. This includes my most recent works about quarrying. I use textured marks mark making to build up rich layers of materials, including using gesso, collage and inks.

Through my initial walking and memorising being outdoors in wild places I capture these places the essence of these places drawing and taking clay impressions of quarry surfaces at the site. My  colourful, vibrant textured surfaces resonates with the land, evoking the deep geological memories ingrained in the rocks and hills of the Pennines.  

I enjoy the process of developing areas as they emerge, rubbing back and building up, scratching into the surface and working with tools beyond the brushes, from palette knives and sponges to drawing implements, creating diversity in the mark-making.

Just because I’m able to do lots of different things it doesn’t mean that I don’t mean it. The variety of media is not simply an exercise in cool irony, but a sincere attempt to make sense of the world and the joy and despair I feel at being alive. I want to reinterpret the imaginary landscapes of our ancestors. I want to make paintings that surprise, excite and engage and that have something new to add to the history art.

My work is in very popular having sold out at several solo shows. I am represented in both private and public collections in the UK, USA. and New Zealand. I have exhibited in London, Manchester and Scotland

The studio is in a Victorian cotton mill in the Pennines. OL5 9RR. 

Recent Practice:

Education and Qualifications:

2007 MPhil. University of Manchester, School of Humanities.

1985 MA University of Liverpool, School of Architecture

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Recent Works