Friday…Working on a compilation piece today. I have lots of sketch books from trips to India and at last I’m using them to produce work which might be called finished. I have some fantastic wooden blocks from India as well. I will be using them as part of the work.

Did anyone else hear Grayson Perry give the Reith lecture on Tuesday15 October? Its worth a listen. He’s a breath of fresh air, even in a gingham dress.


Just been to the Pennine Prospects Conference where the vision for the Regional park for the South Pennines was discussed. It was inspiring.

I’ve been drawing and printing abstract images based on observation.

I was pleased to hear that description of Paul Klee’s work in the Independent about the new exhibition in the Tate Modern.

He’s always been an inspiration, somehow always there but never shouty like Picasso or Cezanne. I think that’s why I like Chagall as well. His work is personal. As he said ” love is everything to me”.

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