Recently I have applied for some bursary applications as I want to develop some new work which would take me away from the work that I sell at exhibition . There are a number around and its tricky to negotiate but I opted for the A-N one as its assessed by other artists. Well I didn’t get it but the feedback was invaluable. 

The decision to look at my disability is loaded for me as it would be acknowledging the impact that my deafness has had upon me, my work and my family. Mostly I try to pretend that I’m hearing which can result in stupid, sometimes hilarious situations. I know it’s not easy for everyone else and its embarrassing for me but that it the stigma that deafness has in our world. I didn’t want to become the deaf artist.

I was invited down to the Welcome Trust in London and coincidentally to be a researcher in an application about implants and their psychological impact on patients. I hope to be able to use my visual research to raise awareness of deafness and make contact with available therapies. 

I was so pleased when they said that my application had been on the cusp and that there was nothing wrong with it! So they were very encouraging that I should apply again and that writing blogs and showing links to this website would be an addition to my application. So here I am writing more blogs and explaining what I’m doing with my time as well as painting.

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